Januario Jano

Januario Jano is a multidisciplinary visual artist (sculpture, video, photography, textile, installations and performance) holds a Master’s Degree in  Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University in London. He is the founder of the Cultural Collective Pés Descalços and organizer of TEDxLuanda since 2012. He has been exhibiting regularly internationally since 2015 and his work is part of private and public collections. Research is the substantive feature of his artistic practice.

Januario Jano also was the recipient of Art Laguna Prize 2016, awarded Business for Art prize and also awarded a grant from the Foundation Gulbenkian for the “180 artists to the south” artist residency program run by Hangar-Center Lisbon.

Statement | Practice

Januario Jano is a multidisciplinary visual artist who deals with sculpture, video, photography, textile, installations and performance.

Reflecting on the ideas of home and self, he constantly challenges his approach through history exploration and contemporary narrative catechism within the context of the growing interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures, and populations. he is enthralled with the hypothesis of a delicate balance between fiction and reality, alarmed by the increasing concern over human and non-human coexistence, galvanised by the urge to create time and space feasible correlation. In this context the role of the body is pivotal, and its multidimensional representation occurs within the framework of proverbial globalisation and cross-cultural interaction.

Research has been a core element of the practice and that result on the physical outcomes, also, exploring the potentials of the hybrid spaces by employing techniques and methods fundamentally for the outcome of the project. It’s essential to the source material, used and new them can be mixed to create new forms. Textile, fabric and other material have a significant presence into his art-making practice. He uses photography as the base medium to create installations and performance.

Earlier on his research, he was interested in exploring the relationship between humans, objects, and other living things in relation to time and space. The question of time and space has galvanized him to investigate the themes of the present in relation to the future. Source for material and deciding on the outcome of the artwork could sometimes be touching the task, but he has developed throughout the years a method of approach material in relation to the work in progress, it seems sometimes that the choice material affects and could influence gradually on the construction of the narrative, he has learned to accept that, therefore, he tends not to start any work with a fixed narrative rather with an idea that has enough room to be added on further. He ought to accept the outcomes, even if the piece looks unfinished, that way, enough space for external contamination is left for activation.

Januario Jano’s commitment to cultural and social engagement has led him to establish and found Pés Descalços, a cultural and philanthropic collective focusing on development and promotion artistic projects. It complements the need for intervention and approach in a sustained and grounded manner to enhance the cultural movement in Angola. Since 2012, Januario Jano also has been the driven force in helping to rewrite Angola’s next chapter, from civil war-torn state to innovation hub with TEDxLuanda which he organizes and curate.