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Januário Jano’s Elegy to Angola’s Stolen Land

At Jean Claude Maier, Frankfurt am Main, the artist samples from institutions that continue to hoard his native country’s heritage, connecting the dots between Christianity and the Angolan textile cultures lost to colonial practices

The title of Januário Jano’s first solo exhibition in Germany, ‘Arquivo Mestre’, translates from Portuguese as ‘the master(’s) archive’ or ‘master file’. Concerned with colonial subjectivities and their wider implications – particularly in Angola, where the artist was born – the show skilfully connects the seemingly unrelated dots between Christianity gained and textile cultures lost, the opacity of restitution, and processes of extractivism, environmental degradation, and ecological transformation. read more…

by  Eric Otieno SumbaFrieze

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Januário Janos’ ‘Arquivo Mestre’ at Jean-Claude Maier Gallery

‘Arquivo Mestre’ his first solo exhibition in Germany, taking place at Jean-Claude Maier Gallery in Frankfurt from 18 May 2021.

Specially produced for the exhibition, the works offer a stark aesthetic experience, while also inviting to a deeper exploration. Every look, every listening promises a new discovery, another clue to something previously hidden: the chirping of birds greets the visitors inside the exhibition. No living animals, but sound recordings of long-extinct species emanate from loudspeakers. For the sound installation Dusky Dorky – Looking for Dodo, Jano delved into the sound archive of the British Museum in London, known for its extensive collections of displaced colonial items. The warbling becomes a ghostly voice that tells of past times, a Kazumbi, a spirit from another world, as in the Ambundu’s traditional belief system. In the museum, the birdcalls become archive material: documented, inventoried, forcibly removed from their natural environment. read more…

by Art Africa Editor

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Home, body and food – exhibition explores the new domestic life

Kitchen counters, the dining table and home decor feature in a new exhibition in Islington, exploring domestic life in 2021.

‘Around the Table’ is the latest show at No 20 Arts, in Cross Street, and features artworks by Camilla Hanney, Lauren-Marie Haywood, Januario Jano, Jocelyn McGregor, Anna Perach, and Loreal Prystaj.

by André Langlois

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Em 2021, o ciclo BMA lab apresenta um cartaz imperdível com a presença de Januário Jano, Joana Chicau, Renick Bell, Jana Winderen e Pedro Augusto já confirmada. Os artistas vão assumir o papel de formadores em workshops e masterclasses online e presenciais que terão lugar nos primeiros meses do novo ano. read more…

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de que falamos quando falamos de racismo #4 – januário jano

Toda a discriminação constrói-se através de uma ideia de diferença, o que conduz à questão: diferente de quem? Esta ideia é imposta pelo seu referente, o normativo — no caso português, o sujeito branco. read more…

O gnration apresenta a quarta edição de “De que falamos quando falamos de racismo”, ciclo de conversas e cinema que debate a temática do racismo e da discriminação racial. Watch the full talk here

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Januário Jano protagoniza primeira masterclass do ano da Braga Media Arts

O artista angolano Januário Jano é o protagonista da primeira masterclass online do ano promovida pelo Circuito – Serviço Educativo da Braga Media Arts, que acontece no sábado, dia 9 de janeiro (9h30), a partir da plataforma zoom. read more…

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BMA lab: Januário Jano – The Sacred Bag (Online Masterclass)

In this online masterclass, participants will have the opportunity to follow Januário Jano’s creative process. The artist will share several elements of his work and explore the cultural dimension of his artistic practice. read more…

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Loeries Presents more than 50 keynote speakers and industry leaders from across AME and the world (over 30 countries represented) take to the Loeries stage. read more…

Loeries Presents keynotes start from 1 PM SAST with Dr Rebecca Swift (global head of creative insights at Getty), Angolan visual artist Januario Jano, Jury President Till Hohmann (Film Crafts) and successful YouTube prankster and social activist Niko Omilana. read more

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Hats On – Interview with Januario Jano

A few days before the exhibition, I arrived at the gallery a few minutes before the interview to get the “vibe” of how it would play out. Little did I know that I would be basked in a conversion filled with more laughter than predicted. read more…

by Ivolpichella | Mooi

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Contemporary artist Januario Jano.

We are tactile and sensual creatures. Adrenaline is released on interaction with others as well as informing our understanding. read more…

by Anjali Singh | The Asian Curator.

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Tomorrow’s YBAs? White Cube launches a series of online exhibitions by London art graduates

Gallery owner Jay Jopling says it is vital to support the next generation during such precarious times. read more…

by Anny Shaw | The Art Newspaper

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London’s best fine art graduates take part in online White Cube gallery exhibition

Works by 20 of London’s most talented fine art graduates are being displayed in a new online exhibition.

The White Cube today launched the month-long show, called Tomorrow: London, featuring graduates of Fine Art Masters courses from Central Saint Martins, Goldsmiths, Royal College of Art, Royal Academy Schools and Slade School of Art. read more…

By Lizzie Edmonds | Evening Standard

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Begin Again is the virtual art exhibition tackling racial inequality

Guts Gallery’s online exhibition features 48 emerging artists with proceeds going to the Free Black University. read more…

Text Gunseli Yalcinkaya | Dazed

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Public notice: an exhibition

Public notice: an exhibition is a free, exciting and unconventional art project that places the work of emerging artists in the windows of independent businesses and organisations across East London, the exhibition also will be presented at the Gallery 46 in Whitechapel read more…

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Body, Place and Memory.

Research is the central feature of my artistic practice. I am interested in exploring ideas around the body, place, and memory, reflecting on the globalised cultural space.  I am seduced by the parallels in fiction and reality. read more…

by Oliver Enwonwu and Oyindamola Olaniyan | Omenka

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Home and Abroad: Multi-disciplinary Angolan artist Januário Jano moves between three continents to create work focusing on personal and creative histories

ART AFRICA spoke to Januário Jano, who was represented by Angolan gallery This Is Not A White Cube at ARCOlisboa this year, about his practice, upcoming exhibitions, and how his work that sees his travelling across cultures, better allows him to reflect on his past and present. read more…

by Zahra Abba Omar | Artafrica magazine

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Januario Jano, tejiendo memorias cruzadas

Se lo relaciona a menudo con la moda, el diseño y los eventos VIP, pero Januario Jano (Angola, 1979) está lejos de ser ese tipo común de artistas superficiales. read more…

by Angela Rodriguez Rerea | Afribuku

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PRŌTOCOLLUM 2017/18: Global Perspectives on Visual Vocabulary

The 4th edition of PRŌTOCOLLUM, the issue for 2017/18, features contributions by 39 visual artists and art collectives from 34 countries.

The 2017/18 edition of PRŌTOCOLLUM brings together emerging talents and established artists from across Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, lending prominence to art scenes and developments otherwise under-represented in the Western art circuit. A must-have for collectors and professionals interested in a cross-section of contemporary visual art on a truly global scale…

Get a copy here | sneak-peek here | see the index here

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ATLANTICA: Contemporary Art From Angola And Its Diaspora

The book Atlantica: Contemporary Art from Angola and its Diaspora marks the start of publisher Hangar Books, specialising in publications within the context of contemporary arts, with particular incidence on southern epistemology.


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Ambundulando, tecendo biografias sobre o mapa da memória.

Uma análise e entrevista sobre a exposição de Januário Jano, com curadoria de Paula Nascimento e Suzana Souza no Centro Cultural Português – Instituto Camões, Luanda 26.07 – 19.08.2017. read more…

by Maria-Gracia Latedjou | Buala

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Art review: London Grads Now, Saatchi Gallery, London SW3

A lucky few graduates seize the moment — with work that questions nature and identity. read more…
by Waldemar Januszczak | The Sunday Times

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This Year’s Fine Art Grads Use Self-Reflection to Confront Difficult Truths

The White Cube’s online graduate showcase demonstrates that the students of 2020 are concerned with the individual as a means of understanding global issues. In connecting the personal with the political, they create urgent calls to action that go far beyond creative introspection. read more…

| Elephant

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Saatchi Gallery Extends ‘London Grads Now’ Exhibition to 11 October

London, UK, 18 September 2020 – Following the successful re-opening of its main galleries, Saatchi Gallery is pleased to announce the extension of its exhibition ‘London Grads Now.’ read more…

by FAB UK Magazine

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African Art Is Here to Stay’: Collectors Were in a Buying Mood at the London Edition of the 1-54 Fair

The fair that helps launch artists’ international careers gives collectors ahead of the African art curve reasons to feel smug. read more…

| Artnet